Musée du cirque et de l'illusion - Rémy Demantes

The whisperer
The Tiger Whisperer

But did you know that you can admire these fine felines in Loiret, along with Bengal Tigers, Siberian Tigers, etc.? Yes, you can see them all in a fascinating museum on the world of circus and illusion.

So, who's behind it all? One man, Rémy Demantes, a man with a passion for wildcats since his childhood. And the most original of all... Rémy personally bottle-feeds his newborn 'babies'. His wildcats live with him in partial freedom, within his Tiger Protection Centre in Ouzouer-sur-Loire. Such has been his life and passion for the past 30 years! Come as a 'VIP' and revel in the intimate relationship they have forged over the years: their company is sure to leave you with some fascinating and lasting memories!

Although they have become accustomed to contact with humans, these big cats remain sturdy and powerful animals. They are far from cuddly kittens! Maybe you're thinking that their place is not here, in captivity? Perhaps, but the centre is also a way of actively contributing towards the preservation of this endangered species.

There are only 3,200 of these cats in the world, compared to 100,000 in 1900!

Musée du cirque et de l'illusion - Rémy Demantes

Musée du cirque et de l'illusion - Rémy Demantes

Musée du cirque et de l'illusion - Rémy Demantes

Musée du cirque et de l'illusion - Rémy Demantes

Musée du cirque et de l'illusion - Rémy Demantes

Musée du cirque et de l'illusion - Rémy Demantes

Enter the world of the circus!

For tigers are not Rémy's only passion! This original adventurer is also mad about circuses.

A passion that spurred him to create the Musée du Cirque et de l'Illusion (Circus and Illusion Museum) in Dampierre-en-Burly – the first of its kind in France! A magical place, offering 700m2 for an immersive delve into circus life, a marvel for children and their parents. An entire world for you to discover thanks to old objects, scale models, posters, sound tracks, costumes displayed in animated areas via giant screens, light shows, optical effects, etc. Set off on a vast interactive discovery trail, that is as recreational as it is educational, on the world of the circus and its famous artists! The brightly decorated display of sequins and old posters retraces memories of Emilien Bouglione and his famous winter circus with its 'Piste aux Etoiles', over a display of costumes and accessories, Achille Zavatta's shoes and much more...

Rémy regularly works on the production of video clips and films: for example, his accessories were used for Jean-Jacques Annaud's film Les Deux Frères!

A yeti and Chinese plates

As enthralling as Ali Baba's cave, the museum also has its own cabinet of curiosities including funhouse mirrors, accessories for sawing acts, a Houdini escape act, etc. You will also find a quite extraordinary animal – now extinct – but here for you to see, frozen in a special chest... the famous Yeti! And the most skilful of visitors can try their hand at juggling with balls, pins and hoops, or even test their Chinese plate spinning talent.

Throughout the summer, Rémy will be delighted to introduce you to his two new arrivals – 3-month old cubs, whose adorable fluffy toy faces will simply melt your heart! These young, playful and curious female tigers come to the museum ring to offer you a truly tender moment of insightful enjoyment. Not forgetting the magic shows that are always greatly appreciated by kids of all ages!

Rémy decidedly has more than one trick up his sleeve!

Make sure you don't miss:

the encounter with the tigers and cubs, the marvels of the Circus Museum, its cabinet of curiosities, the magic shows...

Who will appreciate?

Everyone! It's impossible not to marvel at the splendid interactive decor of the show which also calls upon the spectator's imagination! And it's equally impossible not to melt at the pure beauty of the tigers!

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Full rate: €7.50

Children's rate (age 4 to 13 years): €5.50

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Musée du cirque et de l'illusion (Circus and Illusion Museum)
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