Chamerolles castle with family ©Ludovic Letot

with the family

Let's have fun!

You don't need to go to the ends of the earth to have a great time and discover some exciting sites: original, amusing, athletic, historic, artistic…
a vast range of activities in Loiret are perfect for children and a source of pleasure and satisfaction for the young and the not so young alike!

Exploring Loiret is child's play... Discover its history, art, fauna and flora or simply stroll your way through its natural environment, all in a recreational way to suit the tastes and the needs of the whole family. Jump, run, climb, swim, but also paddle, trot, gallop... For budding champions and for everyone else, there are so many ways to expend your energy over a combination of pleasure and novelty. Loiret is also a fun place to be! From history to local tradition, in Loiret, there's always a place to enjoy yourself, dress up, watch or even take part in a show, a parade...
So many thrills and laughter in store.