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In Loiret, there's no time for boredom, for its vast range of sport and leisure activities are sure to satisfy all your outdoor preferences: 
maze, treetop adventure trail, paintball and laser tag, hot-air balloon or microlight flights, bathing on a leisure base pondside beach or in an aquatic centre, canoeing-kayaking on the Loire, water skiing, cycling, horse riding, boating, quad biking, personal transporter riding, etc...
there's something to please visitors of all ages here.


Arboretum des Barres : accrobranche ©J. Damase - CRT CVDL
Arboretum des Barres : accrobranche ©J. Damase - CRT CVDL

I'll never forget my treetop birthday party

What a thrill to skip from tree to tree, from rope bridge to zipline and from log bridge to sled and tightrope. Our treetop trails are adapted to suit all levels, from initiation for kids and absolute beginners to thrills and spills for the most daring adventurers, over a fun-filled experience for all, in Loiret's adventure parks! And if you're looking to boost your adrenaline... try your hand at paintball - an activity right on target! Discover all Loiret's adventure activities! du Loiret !

Discover the Loire over a totally original experience

Alone, as a couple, with the whole family, with or without a guide, indulge in a journey through our wildest landscapes. A tour down the Loire a canoe is a truly unique journey that can last from a few hours to a few days as you meander you way past its islets and sand banks, offering a fascinating insight into the Loiret's very specific ecosystem and a delve into life's essential and authentic little pleasures.
There's no need to be a hardened adventurer, for these convivial pleasures are open to all and are the perfect activity to share with family and friends, and also a source of many a happy memory to take home. For an added hint of spice, why not opt for a night in a tepee or even sleep under the stars?
And if, after all that, you're still feeling fit, then head back to your departure point by bike via

La Loire en canoë  ©Destination H2O
La Loire en canoë ©Destination H2O
Vol en montgolfière au dessus de la Loire ©Treney Vanessa
Vol en montgolfière au dessus de la Loire ©Treney Vanessa

Ballon d’oxygène, un instant magique

Embarquez pour un vol tout en émotions et sensations dans un de ces jolis ballons. Au petit matin ou avant le coucher du soleil, laissez-vous porter par les vents pour un voyage d’exception et admirez les paysages du Loiret, la Sologne ou les châteaux de la Loire vue du ciel.

Saddle your mount! An exhilarating ride awaits you!

Come and discover Loiret in a truly original way. And to enjoy a leisurely tour of the countryside, you don't even need to be an experienced rider. On horseback or aboard a horse-drawn carriage – whichever you choose, you are sure to remember a convivial experience. Loiret offers a number of riding routes: : in Sologne, the Orléans forest, Gâtinais or the Loire Valley.
The best way to combine a breath of fresh air and an encounter with an adorable four-legged friend.

Randonnée à cheval ©Mir Photo - ADRT 45
Randonnée à cheval ©Mir Photo - ADRT 45